The King of touchpoints-The call to action


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The King of touchpoints-The call to action

Posted by Bill on June 11th, 2008

I want coffee where my barista knows my name

Starbucks is a master at this, from the moment you enter the shop until the time you leave. You know you are in Starbucks, they control your actions. You even learn to speak their distinct language. ( I”ll have a trippio vanilla skinny latte please) Of course, right before you asked for your latte the “barista” asked “welcome to Starbucks how can I help you”, took your order and then said, “Your drink will be ready on the far side of the counter.”

At Starbucks you become part of the brand experience. This is brilliant.. You are a touch point. The person at the other side of the counter says “ Trippio vanilla skinny latte for Bill.” Lord have mercy my favorite barista knows my name. You say “This is my coffee shop.” And therefore you come back tomorrow, to hear your name again and be a part of this experience.

Beautiful image ads, websites and direct mails can influence a customer only to learn more about your brand. If they are intrigued they need to know what the next step is. What is their next touchpoint. The next step is the call to action!

What is a “call to action”? I think it’s a request for a prospect to take the next step. It is a phrase that signals where to go next in the process. It is anything that moves the prospect closer to a sale: Experiential, glossy, vague, printed materials ads and websites are nice, but as I like to say, Vague salesmen have skinny kids. So the king of touchpoints is the call to action that asks to close the sale. You are inviting the customer to experience your brand, don’t be timid. The call to action clearly tells the prospect what the next step is and what to do.

When working on closing a sale, the call to action is to provide a series of steps to help move the prospect along. Faster is nice, but skipping a step along the way or going for a close too soon can damage the whole process. On the other hand, you don’t know if the prospect is READY to order right now and you don’t want to continue to make them walk thru the entire process if they’re ready to move right now.

When you’re reading company websites, tally how many have a call to action on every page… or even ANY page!! Getting a prospect to move along the stairs from being aware of your company, knowing your products/services, matching a need they have to a product/service you provide and then overcoming any objections is where marketing and sales blend.

Here are some phrases that you should incorporate into your website, direct mail or sales presentations:

  • Call today
  • For more information, contact
  • Find out how
  • Send an email to me
  • Visit www…
  • Click here to request a quote
  • Request an RFQ
  • Learn more. Sign up for our newsletter
  • Download a free report
  • Call for a free quote
  • Register for a trial sample

How do customers experience the touchpoints of your business, Call me today(gotcha) and together we can discover how to grow your brand and bottom line!….Bill

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