Real Estate

We are a marketing company with a keen interest in real estate. Engage the Bathurst Group to revitalize and re-brand your property and showcase its merits.

To win in today’s market, your property’s brand must be…


Put our years of rock solid marketing and technology experience to work to re-define and re-energize your properties and destinations. “Build it and they will come”, just doesn’t work in today’s market. We will re-define your brand presence and market it through the most appropriate channels to help you reach your goals. It takes energy and experience. We’ll give you both.


The insights of experts bring fresh ideas to challenging business situations. When a real estate endeavor is in its early stages or perhaps a more mature stage that requires rebranding efforts, many factors come into play. Engage experts who can conduct the kind of situational analysis that defines meaningful steps that point to a solution. We understand nuances. From working with you to develop your unique brand to utilizing the best combination of new technology that drives business, the Bathurst Group Delivers.


Every Property has a story, What’s yours? it has colorful characters, romance, adventure and rich mental imagery. It communicates the single-minded idea that sets your destination apart from your competition, and at the same time, illustrates all the little things that make your destination a one-of-a-kind experience. This is your brand story, and if you’re not telling it yet, you’re not creating desire. As an experienced destination branding agency, We can help you figure out what your brand story is and Engage your customers.


Destination branding is about telling your story, communicating the essence of the brand experience. We will create desire for your brand. From original identity designs to integrated campaigns, our destination branding agency and programs encourage your prospects to imagine themselves experiencing your brand and motivate them to take the next step in the purchase process. Inspire desire.


Creating a brand that’s both true to your organization’s culture AND believable for the consumer begins by peeling back the onion. There is soul-searching to understand what your organization is all about, what it can realistically deliver, and how your brand experience really differentiates it from competitors in the market. With our help, you can create a brand that influences their entire business model, from the products you offer to the way your employees think about your customers to the way customers share their experiences in person and online. This is the true power of destination branding.