Brand Strategy

For your brand to BE BRILLIANT You must…

Be bold.

Take your product or service to market the right way. We assess the brand and give you a plan of action. Our expertise in traditional marketing coupled with experience in unconventional and innovative technology solutions yield results. Your plan will be customized to include the right amount of each ingredient.

Be remarkable.

Brands must be remarkable and do remarkable things in order to stand out and affect consumer purchase decisions. This cannot occur with “safe “ideas. Brands must stand up and stand out from their competition in a manner that commands attention by doing bold things consistently and strategically. Brands need to directly challenge the decisions buyers make and convince them to make a better choice. When brands do this, they are able to keep loyal customers and grow their market.

Be authentic.

There must be truth in marketing. History reveals the eventualities when the other path is taken. In preparing your marketing message, the Bathurst Group studies your products or services and your company culture to be sure the final marketing delivers the true personality of your brand consistently to all stakeholders.

Be strategic.

Good marketing engages your audience with the right message at the right place and the right time. Your brand’s authentic voice will engage customers and generate results when strategically delivered to the marketplace. The Bathurst Group has decades of experience in putting together strategic plans.