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Realtors-Eliminate your competition with authentic brand positioning

Posted by Bill on September 29th, 2009

Is your Brand Smashable

What can you do to become the one agent every client calls in your marketplace? The answer is simple – eliminate the competition by personal branding. If you brand yourself right, you can create a positive and professional image in the mind of the public that you are the only option for all their real estate needs. You want them to believe that you are the only agent who will be able to find them a new home or sell it for that matter.

Personal branding is an invaluable real estate marketing tool that holds unlimited potential for all real estate professionals. A real estate agent is in a much different position in the corporate world because they are their own products. Yet many agents spend a fortune on ineffective ways to obtain listings and create more business. Agents that do understand the concept of branding are able to take advantage of the market in a very effective way.

As a real estate professional, you already have a brand, but you may not realize it. You can shape your client’s perception of you simply by defining your strengths, goals, values, personality and presenting yourself in a professional manner. Everything about you – your appearance, demeanor, the car you drive, your office, how you answer the phone and how you deal with your clients – creates a “brand” in the public’s mind. Focus on the type of brand you want to portray; instead of letting the public create their brand for you. Express yourself and what you stand for to everyone you meet – clients, friends, colleagues and organizations. Do this consistently and you will create a lucrative and effective – personal brand.

Branding although used interchangeably with marketing is actually a distinct concept. If used in the right way branding can eliminate the need for traditional costly advertising and marketing. However, branding is a slow process and it takes time to build the image you want. Building this image relies on repetitiveness and consistency. It’s all about building your image in the mind of the public – creating a perception that you are the best choice, regardless of the market conditions.

Branding requires commitment, dedication and honesty. Branding is more than just placing your picture on a business card or a flyer and announcing that you are the number one agent in the market. Personal branding is everything you stand for and your promise to all your clients. Remember that you should not brand a lie. This is worse than having no brand at all. You cannot brand yourself as an expert in luxury homes if you know nothing about them. It will hurt your business and reputation in the long run.

Branding is a very powerful tool for any real estate professional. Branding is a very effective tool, because people sell and buy on emotion. Therefore, if they like and trust you they will be more inclined to use your services, regardless of the market conditions. Another effective way to brand you is by using a pre-listing package. Only a small percentage of agents use it and can propel your sales, listing and referrals to new heights. This package instantly separates you from the competition and shows prospective clients that you really know the business. The pre-listing package should be delivered to each and every client prior to the appointment. This will give them ample time to review the information and disclosures. When customers see that you are willing to go the extra mile for them by providing a package, which other agents aren’t doing, then they will be more than happy to refer new business your way. Follow this advice and you will be on your way to building a professional personal brand and becoming that agent your market calls for all their real estate needs. Good luck and much success

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