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Destination Marketing Branding and Marketing Cities

Posted by Bill on June 22nd, 2011

Destination MarketingWe help put cities and tourism destinations on the map. More importantly, we put places in the minds and imaginations of travelers and business decision makers. Place branding, like branding consumer products, starts with finding the underlying spirit of a place and defining what makes it unique. Branding a city or tourism destination needs the support of the people that live and work there.


A Boutique Approach

We’ve worked with boutique hotels and resorts of all types and sizes. In doing so, we’ve learned that no two tourism destinations or hotel properties are alike. Our approach is to always examine each with a fresh set of eyes (and ears). We dig deep to find and leverage the differences that make each destination and/or hotel property unique and create a brand that defines the experience and speaks to the customer in a language they can connect with.


Niche Tourism Meets Niche Marketing

Developing and designing distinctive brands for hotels, resorts and tourism destinations gives our clients a leg up on their competition, but that’s only the beginning. We go to great lengths to define, seek and understand your customers, because mass marketing to a large audience is not only expensive, it’s also very ineffective. Your marketing plan and marketing messages need to be highly targeted directly to your most likely customers. Through print and Web-based search marketing, email marketing, and other targeted media we single out prospects and turn them into your customers.


Results that speak for themselves — literally.

When it comes to hospitality and tourism marketing, we believe in complete transparency. Branding and marketing tourism destinations, boutique hotels, and resort operations is an important and essential investment. When you hire US, you can and should hold us responsible for results and a return on your investment. We design and build branding, marketing and advertising programs to “put heads in beds” and we’re not afraid to show you the results. We put metrics in place that not only show consumer traffic, but goals and sales conversions. Verifiable marketing results has become an obsession for us.

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