Bill Bathurst

"More than 25 years of broad-based leadership experience at both executive and entrepreneurial levels with key responsibilities in consumer marketing and brand strategy"

bill-boat1Bill Bathurst has more than 25 years of broad-based leadership experience at both executive and entrepreneurial levels with key responsibilities in consumer marketing and brand strategy.

Most recently, Bill has been combining his brand, real estate and marketing acumen to grow brands such as Cabela’s Trophy properties, Workspace Florida and Intracoastal life and properties.

Place and property branding and marketing are a core competency at the Bathurst Group. Typically clients desire to re-position an individual property, resort, office complex or geographic area to maximize economic impact. Mr. Bathurst provides marketing and Branding strategies that optimize challenging real estate assets.

Mr. Bathurst has helped with the acquisition, lease and Sale of many corporate properties, including resorts, hotels, marinas, land, shopping centers, residential developments and office buildings. Unique historic buildings are of keen interest to him.

Outside of Property and Destination work, Bill’s competencies include very early stage work where products, services and technologies, existing only in concept, must have their feasibility confirmed through a clear assessment of the time and cost to market, product cost, market size, related intellectual property and competitive issues, regulatory issues, and other factors.

Mr. Bathurst is also competent in later stage development work where the created task and timeline is being monitored and implemented to reach planned milestones such as prototype development, fund raising, assessment of early strategic alliances (or future acquiring companies), and planning for the hiring of industry-experienced management.

Bill has formed numerous companies, and is very familiar with start-up operations, strategic planning, development related issues, marketing, intellectual property management, and strategic alliance structuring.

As an independent consultant, Bill is the owner of The Bathurst Group. The Bathurst Group is a consulting practice designed to help small businesses and middle market companies develop and execute sales and marketing strategies. These strategies are typically focused on generating long-term revenues from: new customers, marketing programs, or new distribution channels. Bathurst Group specializes in brand strategy and repositioning.

With diverse experience in the real estate industry, destination properties, consumer goods, health, medical and technology clients , Bathurst Group clients have included General Mills,, Living Fuel, Phillips USA, Pet, General Electric, Nokia, Polaroid and many more.

Mr. Bathurst was cofounder of, an interactive health company dedicated to alternative and integrative health. Mr. Bathurst assisted in the profitable sale of Vitalcast and then consulted with Living Living Fuel has had continued success in the alternative health marketplace.

Prior to forming Bathurst Group and he was Business Unit Manager and Product Manager for ECOLAB, Inc., where he was responsible for growing key consumer and Institutional brands. Mr. Bathurst was Sales and Marketing Manager for Colombo, Inc. where he helped grow the business from a small, regional company into a national brand with over $300 million in sales per year, Prior to selling the brand to General Mills.

Mr. Bathurst is a graduate of the University of Florida and has completed post-graduate marketing and business development courses at the Harvard University Executive MBA program.